Accounting Records

The service in question includes:

  • Preparing the Company Accounting Scheme and the accounting policy in case of newly opened companies, as well as their modification in case of already existing entities,
  • analysis of source accounting records under the requirements of the accounting act and tax acts
  • recording source documents,
  • running the register for the purpose of VAT tax,
  • preparing monthly specifications necessary for calculating the receivable of the budget,
  • preparing other specifications in response to the controlling demand of the Clients (periodical presentation of chosen records’ data),
  • starting and running proper register for fixed, intangible and legal assets remaining in possession of the Client’s company
  • preparing reports resulting from the right tax, statistic acts etc.
  • preparing and working out the financial specification at the end of the reposting year,
  • prognosis for banks and financial institutions,
  • other services corresponding to our Clients’ demands.

Accounting Rcords



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